Do all anterior crowns look fake (front teeth)? in the image galleries ive viewed online they look fake?

i havent seen too many in person
btw please be honest it isnt for me its really for my brother (yes i know thats the oldest excuse in the world) but im just wondering for his sake its taking a few weeks thanks


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  1. anrodriguez20012000 says:

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  2. pinaykezzes says:

    Nope, mine look fantastic! Of course it cost a lot of money but I have a fantastic dentist who has a fantastic service that makes them.
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  3. kiz4korn_14 says:

    My mom has crowns on her front teeth and you cant even tell. They look fantastic. I reckon it may depend on your dentist too though
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  4. uhhhme says:

    Nope, my husband has them because some teeth that never came in then a dentist hurt some remaining teeth trying to do a bridge. No one can tell now that his 4 front teeth are not his natural teeth. I reckon dentists are even better now at making the crowns.

    Question around before you go to a particular dentist to see what people reckon of him/her. Question the dentist too if they can show you examples of their work.
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  5. Dr. Sam says:

    This can be a problem and it is only made worse by the limitations of photography. When you see teeth under natural lighting, it is not so harsh and it also goes deeper into the tooth and reflects back out to the observer. When you use a camera flash, it generally is so bright that it makes the crowns look more opaque than they really are, because most of the light in the photo is purely reflected light from the surface of the crowns.

    There are many crowns to choose from these days. Whenever possible, I use an all-porcelain crown for anterior teeth. The main advantage is that there is no metal to deal with. Metal needs to be masked out with a thin layer of really opaque porcelain or the dark color of the metal will show through and ruin the crown. Unfortunately, the opaque itself has a rather dead appearance. If there is not enough regular porcelain applied over the opaque layer, the crown will look "dead."

    In the all-porcelain systems – and there are many – the problems with opaque are virtually eliminated. Unless the tooth is very dark, you don’t need to use any opacity at all and the crown looks quite a bit more natural by the way light behaves when it enters the crown and reflects back to the observer. The most gorgeous crowns, in my opinion, are called Empress crowns, as the under layer of porcelain is not opaque either. Lava crowns are similar in appearance. Procera are very nice, but the under layer is slightly opaque. (This is a excellent thing sometimes, though, and Procera crowns are simpler to cement into place without errors.)

    Tell your brother to question his dentist about what type of crown he will be doing. Now there are several brands of porcelain and each dentist may have a favorite, so it would be inappropriate to say, "I want an Empress crown and not a Lava crown," because it all depends on what the doctor’s lab provides, but it is reasonable to discuss whether there is going to be any metal or if the crown is going to be all porcelain. For an upper front tooth, I would highly recommend asking for an all porcelain crown.
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